Project UPSTART: the Use of Procedural Standardization to Reduce Recognition to Repferfusion (R2R) Time in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI)

STEMI ALERT Packet -- Templates

STEMI ALERT Packets from PCI-capable and non-PCI centers are similar but not alike. Remember, STEMI ALERT Packet templates are designed to be altered by each site) The attached files, however, contain sample paperwork that is representative of STEMI ALERT Packets currently in use. Examining them closely will allow you to get a feel for what a typical STEMI ALERT Packet looks like (minus the color coding, of course!) They also contain a short explanation of the STEMI ALERT Packet and a short discussion of the differences between PCI and non-PCI "general priorities" and how this affects packet construction.