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Intro: STEMI BootCamp & Project UPSTART

An Integrated Approach to Improving Local STEMI Care

Welcome to “STEMI BootCamp!” All materials, forms and presentations are available for use free of charge so feel free to download them and use them in any manner you see fit. Please contact us with any questions at

Optimizing STEMI management (and the construction of local STEMI Systems of Care) requires understanding of the STEMI disease process and a generalized knowledge about constructing systems of care. This information is available from many sources.

However knowledge itself is not the entire story. Generalized knowledge must be condensed into specific actions and discrete ideas. This is the science of knowledge translation. Optimizing local STEMI systems in a time efficient and sustainable manner requires a specific tool kit and the training and knowledge to use it efficiently.

“STEMI BootCamp” was developed to provide this knowledge in an efficient and logical manner. Its goal is to help you efficiently develop a STEMI System of Care compliant with best-practices criteria such as those promoted by the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline Initiative, and the Society of Chest Pain Centers.

STEMI BootCamp is an integrated collection of materials designed to:

  1. Provide a quick primer in STEMI system “theory”
  2. Help you thoroughly evaluate your existing STEMI system
  3. Illustrate easily utilized ideas and options for efficient improvement

Project UPSTART has been developed as the “reperfusion toolkit” to accompany STEMI BootCamp. It’s designed to help you optimize the five “Essential Elements of Reperfusion (the 5R’s)" –- within your institution and/or system. Project UPSTART provides the materials, forms and training to help you implement each of the ideas and concepts discussed within STEMI BootCamp.

Good luck in optimizing your local STEMI system of care! Please click HERE for access to the STEMI BootCamp main page!


David R. Burt, MD
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of Virginia Health System
Developer, Project UPSTART