Project UPSTART: the Use of Procedural Standardization to Reduce Recognition to Repferfusion (R2R) Time in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI)

Training Tutorial 1.11

Completing Data Sheets A & B

Have you ever been in training for a race? How do you know if you are improving?

In addition to the checklists we have just discussed, the STEMI ALERT Packet also contains two data sheets - Data Sheet A (bright orange) and Data Sheet B (bright yellow). They collect vital information and must be completed during the STEMI ALERT process. It is the responsibility of ED staff to fill out the top portion (Section I) of both forms. They are very simple so this takes just a few moments. Each sheet has a different function:

  • Data Sheet A (orange) will stay in the ED. After the STEMI ALERT is over it is collected and sent to your ED quality improvement person. The black box on Data Sheet A will give you exact instructions.
  • Data Sheet B (yellow) is always sent with the patient when they leave the ED, whether they are going to the catheterization lab or are transferred to another hospital. Section II of Data Sheet B will be completed at the final treatment site. Again, refer to the black box for instructions specific to your hospital.

Remember: You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Complete Data sheets A and B. When in doubt, refer to the black box for exact instructions!

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